About Us

What is SAIns? Skill Assessment Intelligence Service (SAInS) is a tool for organizations to advance their people’s careers and to achieve their strategic HR ambitions.

Our Mission

SAInS’ mission is to focus on building a diversified talent pool and raising future leaders for your company.

SAInS emphasizes on enforcing the human development processes and talent implementations continuously, to ensure long term sustainability and performance.


With the extensive skill assessment tool to recognize employees’ underlying competency level, coupled with course recommendation program, organizations are then able to determine the skills required by their employees.

Managers and Heads of departments are able to consistently manage staff development and track their people’ competency achievements. SAInS also serves as a milestone tracking system for each employee.


Ever since it is introduced since year 2011, SAInS serves as a supporting tool for organizations to advance their people’s careers and track future growth of employees.

SAInS enables HR Managers to effectively manage its talent in order to fulfil organizational goals and objectives, to improve productivity to achieve competitive advantage in the market.

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