Focus on Developing Employee Strengths

One of the great advantages of knowing what employees’ strengths are is that organisations can align people with complementary strengths.

For example, if the organisation was attempting to please a potential customer and needed to know more about it, an employee with PR strengths could be assigned to the team involved in that exercise.

If the company wanted to get into a new market it might seek out staff with analytical strengths. Or if the executive team was aware that one member had a strategic strength, that person would be singled out to be involved in any strategic planning.

Another advantage of identifying staff strengths is that managers and staff can seek help from those they know have complementary skills. This is no longer admitting failure.

Recent research shows that:

  • Employee performance is, on average, 36% higher when line managers focus their appraisals on staffs’ strengths and talents.
  • Customer retention is 44% higher in companies where people are allowed to do what they do best‟ every day.
  • Teams with line managers who take a strengths-based approach are 86% more effective than teams which don‟t.

SAInS works with organisations to assess employee strengths and competencies and align them with organisational goals.

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