Training Needs Assessment

Training Needs Assessment is often overlooked but important component of the training development process.  A Training Needs Assessment is the process by which we can determine what sort of knowledge and skills someone has that can be accomplished via some sort of learning means. It’s a way of figuring out what needs the worker has that can be met with training.

Training needs are essential because they are the first step in the training design – it’s the beginning of the design phase of training and development. But training may not always be the answer. Very often there are other non-training issues that are root causes for perceived problems.

Training Needs Assessment has to be done professionally. As an example, the employer might have engineered a new process or be rolling out a new product. As they are in the preparation phase, one area that will likely be identified is training. Someone will ask or mention, “Hey, what about the employees’ training needs?” Then the employer might start to put together a training program based on those needs. Traditionally, the employer might contact their local teaching institution and ask them to assist in this identification of training needs. However, in the current era, the employer would most likely looking for professionals who are more focused on Training Needs Assessment.

Training Needs Assessments are the entire basis for the training – without a Training Needs Assessment you have no idea if you’re even doing the right training, for the right reasons, and creating the right learning objectives. It’s a step that really cannot be skipped. It’s the very first step in creating the training – without it, there is no second step.

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