The career assessor should be exposed to more organizations.
Muhammad Safwan bin Ahmad Marzuki, Operation Executive, UKM Technology Sdn Bhd, 5th June 2014

Good recommendation.
Ng Hee Song, 4th June 2014

Help us identify the gap present in the staff, assist us in developing competency framework.
Nuradila Mohd Khairul Annuar, Training Executive, Malaysian Software Testing Board, 22nd May 2014

I have been working as a software engineer for 6 years. I no longer feel like working as a software engineer and would like to challenge myself to undertake project management in the future.
Toh Sing Hui, Software Engineer, F-Secure, 7th May 2014

It gives me clear direction and inspiration about my future
Mohammad Syaheezam, Assistant Graphic Designer, MIMOS Berhad, 24th April 2014

Skills Assessment Intelligence Service (SAINS) is an excellent Human Resources Management tool for learning and development. It has captured the essential element in office automation by simplify the administration process of Training Needs Analysis (TNA) by way of information technology (IT). This technique of doing TNA will ensure organizations are able to strategically plan for human resources learning and development faster and efficiently. SAInS will be the answer for any Small Medium Enterprise (SME) organization who is willing to embark on an IT journey in order to leverage with bigger organizations in terms of people development and business efficiency.
Maimal Faiz Abdul Malik, Senior Manager Group HR, Kumpulan Perangsang Selangor Berhad

Skills Assessment Intelligence Service (SAInS) is a very useful tool for my software development company as it allows us to measure the competency gaps of our employees and to act as an effective tracking tool. By using SAInS, we can consolidate the training report and management is able to review it in a convenient way and even obtain the necessary competencies needed by employees. This includes certification roadmaps of various principals and technologies. In a nutshell, SAInS has provided us with a one stop tool that makes our job in human resources much more efficient and accurate.
Melissa Mok, HRA Manager, Uberfusion Sdn Bhd

Thank you for the opportunity to participate in this project. SAInS provided us with the first time opportunity to conduct a Training Needs Assessment in our company. It is a useful tool to help us gauge the competency level of our manufacturing staff and to further improve our product quality effectively.
Yvonne Lim, HR Executive, MSM Equipment Manufacturer Sdn Bhd

As a manufacturing company, we need to compile all the training records of our staff  in the manual way and it’s hard for us to check and locate past records. SAInS has reduced our workload by giving us a means of retrieving this data online instantly. Now, we spend more time in analysis the training records through SAInS and this has helped improve our training quality. We  have enjoyed this free tool which was offered by the  MDec grant.
Norafizah Isthnin, Manager- Human Resource, GBH Ceramics Sdn Bhd