Heads of Departments   Admin   Individual Members
are able to
  • Manage staff development and track competency achievements through business intelligence (BI) reports
  • Consistently track future growth of staff
  • Easily access the latest news and information on training programs and e-learning opportunities
  • Determine skills required by the staff/organization with ease
  • Appraise staff competency advancements with ease
  • Support HOD, HR, and individual members of the staff in system usage via Train Prov tool to track
    1. pre & post course evaluation
    2. consolidated training & certification records
  • Have easy rights assignments
  • Save time by performing self-assessments on their competency
    levels for current and / or future career options with SAInS
  • Request for training programs and courses they wish to attend without difficulty
  • Market your employability with the built- in Profile Builder tool