What can SAInS do for you?

Case study: Duke has been working in Technical Support for almost 3 years since graduation. This year, he intends to move on and pursue a career in sales.

How can help Duke?

Step 1:
Chart His Career Paths
Step 2:
Essential Skills
Step 2:
Essential Skills

Duke dreams of becoming the regional sales manager. He starts charting his career path towards his goal which he plans to achieve in two years.

He needs to identify the essential skills required to achieve his dreams.  He takes the initiative to seek advice and consultation from different parties. He obtains information from the Internet, his seniors and peers and attends some training programs. He even discusses with his current manager to identify areas he needs to improve. All of this takes time and effort. There must be an easier way. Here is how and its main feature, can help.

With essential skills can be easily identified, Duke now has to do a self-assessment of his competency level of each skill. He is able to see his competency gap by comparing his current level to the expected level of his manager. From here, his immediate action to narrow his gap would be to attend training. A pre-course evaluation is done prior to attending training to further determine areas of improvement.
Step 4:
Pre & Post Training Gain
Step 5:
Improve Competencies
Step 6:
Fulfilling Career

Once training has been attended, Duke does a post-course evaluation to measure his improvement. Has his competency gap narrowed? Has his performance improved  after the training?

Duke's competencies has improved and he is moving closer to his dream. He has to be responsible for continuously  bridging the gap. He keeps working on the other areas which he is lacking in. Together with his manager, he keeps track of his work performance.

Finally, having determined the skills he needs to have, Duke is able to see his dream become a reality. He applies what he has learnt and begins to  reap the fruits of his labour in the form of increasing sales and fat commissions. These in turn motivate him to strive even harder towards his goal of enjoying his career as an outstanding regional sales manager.