The purpose of a training needs assessment is to identify requisites within an organization in order to help direct resources to the areas of greatest necessity; those that closely relate to fulfilling the organizational goals and objectives, improving productivity and providing quality products and services.

The needs assessment is the fundamental step in the establishment of a training and development program. This assessment is used as a foundation to determine instructional objectives, to select and design instructional programs, to implement the programs, and lastly, to evaluate the training provided. This process is in the form of a cycle that always begins with a needs assessment.

SAInS on Talent Competency comprises of the following benefits:

1. Training Needs Assessment Capability
2. Self-assessment on competency skills
3. Competency Gain against benchmarking
4. Competency Milestone
5. Competency Matrix
6. Course or program Recommendation
7. Score-card
8. Dashboard