The Training Needs Assessment (TNA) is critical for the training and development of talents and skills development. It is extremely crucial to acquire these Training Needs Assessment skills in order to carry out the TNA activities.

Designing a training and development program involves a sequence of steps that can be grouped into five phases:
1. Needs     Assessment   2. Instructional     Objectives   3. Design   4. Implementation   5. Evaluation     And Tracking

In order to be effective, all training programs must start with a needs assessment. Long before any actual training occurs, the training manager must determine the “who”, “what”, “when”, “where”, “why” and “how” of the training by analyzing as much information as possible about the following:
1. The Organization     And Its Goals And     Objectives   2. Jobs And Related     Tasks That Need     To Be Learned   3. The Skills That     Are Needed To     Perform The Job   4. Evaluation And     Tracking